Me drumming
(This photo was taken 9 years ago by my friend @alberto_big while I was playing blues in the coolest home rehearsal room I’ve ever seen)

It’s 2006. I’m sitting behind a drum kit with my drum teacher and I ask him, “How can I improve my drumming fast?”

He looks and me and says, “Are you in a hurry? If you’re in a hurry, do not come to me”.

I change teacher.

I go to another one. In his first lesson, he says, “To become a great drummer, you need the three Ps: Passion, Patience, Perseverance”.

One of the reasons why I eventually quit drumming was my impatience.

Do not approach learning English like I approached drumming. You won’t achieve any spectacular results 😅.



This mug was given to me yesterday by my brother and sister-in-law. They also bought me camomile to drink. I feel old and happy.

A mug is useless if you don’t have a liquid to fill it with. The ultimate purpose of a mug is to contain a liquid so you can drink it.

Grammar and punctuation rules are like mugs.

Grammar and punctuation rules are useless if you don’t have a story to tell. The ultimate purpose of grammar and punctuation rules is to communicate so you can connect with others.

So, fill your mug with a drink.

And tell your stories.



Fabio Cerpelloni

Fabio Cerpelloni

I help learners of English tell their own true stories through photos, so they can reflect on their lives, express themselves better and create connections.